Self Care Suggestions

Had a bubble bath Watched a Sunset Walked a dog Read a good book
Took a "Day off" Went for a walk Bought self flowers Visited a friend
Went out for lunch Made your favourite dinner Hugged a friend Played with kids
Listened to music Slept in late Acted silly Laughed 'just coz'
Made Music - hummed, sang, drummed Watched a Sunrise Cared for a Pet Re-read a favourite children's book
Did a good turn - with no expectations Snuggled up under a blanket Started a plant Called a friend
Went to a movie Treated yourself as a guest Hugged yourself Put together a web-page for fun
Had your favourite childhood drink Hugged yourself Surfed the net for fun sites Journalized your thoughts

Add in whatever works for you. 

Print off 14 of these and keep track of when you are good to yourself. I have found that using those coloured stars like one used to get in kindergarten adds to the strokes



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