B.C. teacher banned after sending student explicit messages, shirtless photo

Former Boundary School District teacher told a student he was ’always down’ to ‘hookup discretely’

  • Wed Apr 5th, 2017 11:55am

A former teacher in the Boundary School District has been banned from teaching after he sent sexually explicit messages, links to porn and a shirtless photo of himself to a Grade 12 student.

According to a report issued Tuesday by the Teacher Regulation Branch, Robert William Stevenson confirmed that he had initially sent messages to the student in order to “hook up.”

The report documents a series of inappropriate messages Stevenson sent over the span of four days through an “adult social networking app” to a student in January 2015.

The student signed up for the app shortly after turning 18 years old, the report says.

Stevenson sent two messages to the student at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on night, trying to start a conversation.

Two days later, the student replied writing “um hi Mr. Stevinson (sic).”

When the student asked if Stevenson knew they were a student at the school he taught at, he replied that he “just took the risk to say hi.”

The messages turned sexually explicit, the report says, with Stevenson sharing “graphic details” of his own sexual experiences. After the student said goodnight, Stevenson offered his phone number and told them he was “always down to chill hang hookup discretely.”

Stevenson continued, sending a link to a restricted access porn site with his username and password, encouraging the student to check it out.

Through the entire exchange, the student didn’t respond, the report says.

Four days after the first contact, Stevenson sent a shirtless picture of himself.The student responded that night saying they weren’t interested in pursuing any type of relationship with Stevenson.

He apologized, writing, “I’ve disrespected you, harassed you, and put you on (sic) a very uncomfortable position. My actions weren’t ethical nor professional.”]

The school district put Stevenson on administrative leave that following spring. He resigned a few months later.

He has been ordered by the branch to never apply for a teaching job or certification again.




[PDF] Consent Resolution Agreement - Teacher Regulation Branch


Mar 21, 2017 - ROBERT WILLIAM STEVENSON. (“Stevenson'). BACKGROUND and FACTS. 1. Stevenson held a valid Professional Certificate of Qualification, ...

B.C. teacher loses certificate after 'hookup' attempt with student online

Robert Stevenson admitted to finding a Grade 12 student on a dating app in 2015

CBC News Posted: Apr 06, 2017 12:25 PM PT Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017 6:38 AM PT

A teacher in eastern B.C. is no longer certified to work in the province after admitting he sent a student explicit messages, a shirtless photo and tried to "hookup" through a dating app.

Robert Stevenson admitted finding the Grade 12 student online through a dating app in January 2015, according to a content resolution agreement signed last month.

The student had just signed up for the adult site after turning 18.

In the agreement, Stevenson said he knew the student went to the school where he taught when he messaged on Jan. 12.

The student replied, asking the teacher if he realized.

Stevenson admitted he did, noting that he "took the risk" in reaching out to the student.

The agreement said he proceeded to tell details about his sexual experiences throughout the night.

He also said he sent the student a link to a private pornographic website with his username and password.

He told the student he would be interested in "hooking up discretely," according to the document.

Actions neither 'ethical nor professional'

Several days later, Stevenson sent the student a shirtless photo of himself. The student didn't respond and the teacher eventually apologized for "disrespecting" and "harassing" the pupil.

The agreement states he admitted his "actions weren't ethical nor professional."

In June of that year, Stevenson was placed on administrative leave.

He resigned shortly after and his certificate expired after he stopped paying his fees.

The teacher has agreed not to apply for re-certification for at least 10 years.


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