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How many arrests to date

1. Child Pornography CONVICTION - May 12, 2015

2. Sexual Interference CONVICTION - January 17, 2013

3. Sexual Interference CONVICTION - January 29, 2012

Other appearances before the court

· Changes to "Peace Bond" denied December 23, 2011 As of February 16, 2017 the author of this site has yet to find charges previous to this date that might explain why there was a "Peace Bond" placed on the subject of this page.

Stay of Proceedings

a. Sexual Assault
b. Breach of Peace Bond
c. Obstruction of Justice
d. Uttering Threats
e. Invitation to sexual touching
f. Sexual touching

A computer disk containing pornographic images of a youth under age 16 was found in Pater’s possession. no charges were laid

Registered Sex Offender in Canada

1. One time for 20 years
2. Second time for life

Considered an untreatable sex offender as reported Jan 18, 2013 "Pater was unable to complete sex offender counseling because of his “serial incarceration for similar kinds of offences,” Dohm said."

"Once released from jail, Pater will not be required to take any counseling, since previous psychological assessments have noted his low intelligence have made him untreatable, despite his “high risk to re-offend sexually with underage females."

Judge denies peace bond changes for Alberni man

By Alberni Valley News
Published: December 23, 2011 04:00 PM
Updated: December 26, 2011 03:303 PM

A provincial court judge has denied an application by an Alberni man who didn’t want his neighbours notified about a peace bond that forbids him to be in contact with anyone under age 16.

Judge MacCarthy denied the application made by Shaun Pater, 32, in Port Alberni provincial court on Thursday.

Pater’s inconvenience with public notification “Must be trumped by the greater good,” Judge MacCarthy said. “Therefore the peace bond should prevail.”

In the background presentation to MacCarthy, defense lawyer Jordan Watt said that Pater was originally charged with a series of sex offenses stemming from two incidents.

In exchange for the staying the charges, Pater entered into a specific type of peace bond for 12 months that is targeted at persons who police fear will commit a sexual offense against persons under age 16.

Two of the bond’s conditions forbid him to have contact with anyone under age 16, and to stay away from places where persons under 16 congregate.

Because there are people under the age of 16 living in the building where Pater resides, B.C. Corrections policy requires them to notify neighbours of Pater’s bond conditions, and that's the crux of his application. This was what Pater wanted overturned.

Community corrections require that Pater notify them of his residence.

Pater has lived in the same apartment for eight years, and didn’t want his neighbours to be told about his peace bond. If the conditions were removed there'd be no reason for them to be told.

Pater maintains his apartment but is staying with a friend and is inconvenienced by paying rent in two places. He would have concerns for his safety if notification were to occur.

“This is contrary to the presumption of innocence,” Watt said. “He is on bail and not convicted.

“My client just wants to return home to live in peace,” Watt said. “The risk is just not there with him.”

Corrections officials have been difficult to deal with regarding the matter, and Pater is to appear in court later for allegedly threatening one, Watt said.

The corrections service, their policies, and Pater’s dealings with them aren’t before the courts, nor is his inconvenience, prosecutor Gordon Baines said.

“Mr. Pater feeling unnecessarily harassed by corrections’ public notification is not for you to determine,” Baines told MacCarthy.

The order doesn’t prevent Pater from living in his apartment. He can do so, “But corrections has the right to notify the public,” Baines said.

The bond was supposed to be in place for one year and there are three months remaining.

The charges against Pater that were stayed included invitation to sexual touching, sexual touching and sexual assault. A computer disk containing pornographic images of a youth under age 16 was found in Pater’s possession.

The images “aren’t of adults having sex with babies,” Watt said. “It’s a minor that he was in a relationship with.”

Pater agreed to the conditions when he signed the bond, which provides a measure of protection to the public and to persons under age 16, MacCarthy said.

“I would be remiss by permitting significant variation to it,” he said in dismissing the application.

[Edited to clarify bond conditions.]

Source of above

Page 12 – January 29, 2012 report available via ISSUU PDF  which is a mirror of this

Alberni man gets jail time for sexual interference

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by Wawmeesh G. Hamilton – Alberni Valley News
posted Jan 29, 2012 at 9:00 PM— updated Jan 30, 2012 at 11:44 AM
A 32-year-old Port Alberni man has been sentenced to six months in prison and three years probation for sex crimes against a girl under the age of 16.

According to provincial prosecutor Gordon Baines, Judge T. Dohm netted out the sentence to Shaun Pater on Friday, Jan 27, in Port Alberni provincial court.

Pater pled guilty to one count of sexual interference. Other charges including sexual assault, breach of peace bond and obstruction of justice were stayed.

In addition, Pater will have to give a DNA sample to the criminal data bank, as well as register as an offender under the sex offender information registry act for 20 years.

Pater’s sentence was a joint submission between the prosecution and defense. He will likely serve his sentence at the Wilkinson Road correctional facility in Victoria.

In a separate matter involving Pater, the crown stayed a charge involving uttering threats against a probation officer. Pater is to have no contact with the officer when he finishes his jail sentence.

Pater’s sentence stems from an incident that occurred on Jan. 17 of this year.

According to Baines, Pater picked up an 18-year-old male friend and his girlfriend who is under age 16, and drove them back to his residence and left them there.

At the residence, the 18-year-old and his girlfriend had sex. Afterward, the boyfriend told the girl he wanted her have sex with Pater. The girl refused at first, but the boyfriend told her he loved her and wanted this so she relented and had sex with Pater, who just returned. Later, Pater drove the girl home.

On Jan. 22, the girl confided the incident to her grandmother, who immediately took her to police to tell what had happened.

Within an hour of the girl giving the statement, and with no prompting by police, the 18-year-old man arrived at the RCMP station and gave a statement in which he refuted everything his girlfriend just said, insisting that nothing happened between her and Pater.

Investigators re-interviewed the 18-year-old, who initially stuck to his statement. But investigators confronted him with two inconsistencies and the man capitulated.

The man admitted that the incident did happen, and also admitted that Pater coached him on what to say before giving his first statement to police.

Edited to reflect exact charge.

Source of the above text

Repeat Alberni sex offender sentenced – January 18, 2013 which links to the newspaper article quoted verbatim and are available online

Repeat Alberni sex offender sentenced
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by Wawmeesh G. Hamilton – Alberni Valley News
posted Jan 18, 2013 at 5:00 PM
A Port Alberni man convicted of a sex crime involving a minor won’t serve any more jail time for the offence.

In Port Alberni Provincial Court on Jan. 17, Judge T. Dohm sentenced Shaun Pater, 32, to time served (three months) plus one day in custody for sexual interference with a girl under the age of 16. Pater appeared via video from Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre in Victoria, where he had been incarcerated for another matter.

Conditions that apply to Pater’s release from the conviction include registering with the federal sex offender database for life; providing a sample of his DNA to the federal crime data bank; and to have no contact with the victim or persons under 16.

The sentence was jointly submitted by the Crown counsel and Pater’s attorney, and accepted by Judge Dohm.

The offense Pater was convicted of Thursday originally occurred from August 2010 to January 2011, facts read before the court noted.

The complainant was 15 years old when she was first introduced to Pater by a male school friend.

In the summer of 2010, Pater picked the girl and a friend up from a party and brought them to his residence. He gave her alcohol and cigarettes before groping then having sex with her.

Pater followed the same pattern over the next six months: contacting the girl by e-mail or Facebook, meeting her, plying her with alcohol and cigarettes then having sex.

The girl estimated this happened 10 times between August 2010 and January 2011. She tried telling Pater once that what he was doing was wrong but the offences continued.

In January of 2012, the girl learned Pater was in jail after hearing about it on a radio news report (he had been jailed for different offences). She felt safe from harm, and accompanied by an adult supporter disclosed her ordeal with Pater to RCMP.

The girl’s victim impact statement noted that she wrestles self esteem and self respect issues, an inability to trust and form relationships, and blames herself for what happened.

In quoting from a pre-sentencing report, Pater’s lawyer Donald McKay said Pater has the mind of a 14- 16-year-old and has limited cognitive ability.

A pre-sentence and forensic report, both ordered last year, stated Pater was previously combative and uncooperative with probation authorities, even threatening a staff member on one occasion.

Pater was unable to complete sex offender counselling because of his “serial incarceration for similar kinds of offences,” Dohm said.

The reports note that Pater admitted responsibility in the matter to a point. According to him, the sexual relationship wasn’t forced but was rather consensual. The girl maintains that it was forced and was always preceded by alcohol.

Pater will be back in court on Jan. 25 to face sexual assault charges from an incident that occurred on Dec. 23, 2012
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For comparison for those who might disbelieve a screen capture here

Pater punished over porn — May 12, 2015 which links to the newspaper article quoted verbatim and is available online.

Which stated:

Pater punished over porn
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by David Wiwchar – Alberni Valley News
posted May 12, 2015 at 3:00 PM— updated May 12, 2015 at 6:54 PM

Serial pedophile Shaun Pater was sentenced in Port Alberni court Tuesday after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography and breaching conditions of his probation.

He was spotted at the Walmart photo lab in Port Alberni on New Year’s Eve, printing out photos from a memory stick.

Employees recognized him from media coverage of his two previous sexual offense convictions, and went into a back office where a separate computer monitor displayed the images being processed.

Crown prosecutor Gordon Baines said three of the pictures were of a young female’s genitalia and two other photos were of young girls Pater, 34, had been associating with while on probation.

Walmart employees called police, who found Pater driving away from Walmart with his brother.

When police pulled over the vehicle, Pater said he turned to his brother and said “I’m going back to jail”.

Pater told police the sexual images had been texted to him by another pedophile he had met in jail. “I shouldn’t have printed it off, eh,” he was reported to have said to one of the police investigators.

Pater sat in the prisoner’s box Tuesday morning (May 12, 2015), listening to Crown Counsel listing charges and events that led up to the offenses.

He sat nervously, occasionally glancing towards the people in the gallery, wearing a red t-shirt with VIRCC (Vancouver Island Correctional Center) on the back. His previously boyish bowl cut now replaced by long, shoulder length blonde hair curled out at the bottom.

Judge Ted Gouge admitted he was very familiar with Pater’s case, having recently agreed to relax probation conditions allowing him to attend family Christmas dinners with underage relatives. Gouge had also made a previous order to prevent media from publishing Shaun Pater’s name, as it was having a negative effect on his young son at school.

Gouge took the rare step of addressing reporters in the gallery directly, noting there would be no publication bans whatsoever in this case.

He sentenced Pater to nine months on the child pornography charge, and a further three months for breaching probation. He was given credit for time served since his arrest at time-and-a-half, which equaled six months and 20 days.

He was ordered to stay away from all children under the age of 16, except his son, and to not access the Internet through computer, phone, or any other device for five years.

“I thought it was an appropriate sentence,” said defense attorney Bobby Movassaghi. “There was a lot of time put into it by defense and the Crown.”

“There will always be people who think that no time is enough time for offenders like Mr. Pater,” said Baines. “We have to seek sentences that are consistent with those imposed by judges in other cases. We can’t go in excess of that just because we have strong feelings towards the offender or the offenses that they’ve committed,” he said. “It’s important to note that why these cases came to light is because of prior media coverage. The importance of these offenses being reported upon can’t be emphasized enough.”

When given an opportunity to address the court directly, Pater said “I feel bad for my family, for my son who was unable to attend school for two weeks after the story came out in the paper”.

Baines said Pater’s lack of remorse towards his victims “speaks for itself”.

Once released from jail, Pater will not be required to take any counseling, since previous psychological assessments have noted his low intelligence have made him untreatable, despite his “high risk to re-offend sexually with underage females”.

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screen capture found here

Child Pornography explained under Canada's Criminal Code

Age of consent according to Canada's Criminal Code

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For adults with a criminal conviction, there’s a big change in terms of consequences. The standard for adults that are tried, convicted and receive a criminal conviction is that it’s not permanent, but for most people, it may as well be.

A criminal conviction in Canada, with no suspensions, will last up to 80 years before being struck from the record as standard. In some exceptional cases, this duration will be increased to 100 years. Unlike minors, adults only have an automatic strike from the records decades after the conviction. Otherwise, the only way that a discharge or “erasure” of a criminal record occurs is through a special action taken to suspend the record.


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