In the end the greatest gift of all has been this belief that life is good, well worth living.

Life can be demanding, ugly, and beautiful.

All shades and variations of colors as well as light and dark if I am just willing to look, to see, to hear, to feel all that life has to offer.

Sometimes it is not only necessary for me to pay attention to my senses, there is also my responsibility to do whatever I have to do that brings me happiness, to speak my truth, to go to any length, to look in every corner of who I am in order to ask and be willing to hear the answers.

To act on the answers or to be patient, to wait for the answer I have not heard as yet.

To be all that I am capable of being and reach beyond that barrier for more, to strive, to keep on trying, to never give up.

I to am one of #ShePersisted who is TubThumping the night away.

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