The face of the child of one pedophile

8 to 12 years of age

April 3 of 2002 the convicted sexual offender of "having sex with a female under the age of 14 who was not his wife" will have completed his sentence period. He will be free to move to any community in any province of Canada with all conditions of his parole no longer in force.

As of December 16, 1998, the offender convicted is free on "day parole" in an unspecified city in British Columbia after serving 3 (THREE) years of his sentence of 6 (SIX) years. He will be released "unconditionally" when his "warrant" expires April 3, 2002.

As of April 3, 2000 the convicted child molester has chosen to avail himself of housing at Lumby, British Columbia (at last note he was sharing a household with another paroled child molester - after speaking with the "Victims Services Liaison" I voiced my incredulity of said situation and shortly thereafter the two paroled persons were separated) since his conditional parole (no contact with anyone under the age of 18 without supervision of a 'pre-approved adult, no consumption of alcohol or drugs, no contact with Dennice, her sisters or her mother). 

He is free to travel to any city in British Columbia, in fact, Nov 21, 2000, he was on an overnight stay in Kamloops, British Columbia. Click on the link below - the picture on the left is the most recent I had of him and it was taken Feb 1989

Deceased April 01, 2007

Roland Frank Chaput Pedophile


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