This information is provided to enable members of the public to take suitable measures to protect the vulnerable, children and themselves. Any form of vigilante activity or other unreasonable conduct directed at any of the named/illustrated are not advisable and could lead to Criminal Charges against yourself.

Be vigilant, not a vigilante.

A must read: Socially Skilled Child Molester - excerpts

These largely, Canadian, news reports are in alphabetical order.

It is frequently difficult to keep up to the number of public records of sexual predators as on release it is at the discretion of local police authorities whether to release to the public information (under the Privacy Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. P-21 as pertains to the privacy of individuals) as to the number of convicted/released/paroled sex offenders in your area.

Sex Offender Information Registration Act is not publicly accessible. Information is shared only at the discretion of the RCMP and local law enforcement.

As indicated in reports there, can be 200 sexual predators within blocks of your home as was indicated by the investigation of the disappearance of Holly Jones (2003), Michael Briere. Holly Jones who was grabbed off the street by a previously unknown paedophile (Michael Briere), kidnapping, sexual assault, her subsequent murder, dismemberment:

Then we have: Professional or Volunteers who are entrusted with the education, leadership, sports, religious leadership or any leisure activity are to be despised when they acknowledge professional misconduct and their victims refuse to testify as to the activities as well as the behaviours these persons have chosen to undertake as, supposed, adults.

Most are not charged, merely allowed (in the case of teachers) to allow their teaching certificates to be cancelled for non-payment of fees. Some are tutoring children as some of the recent news reports have shown.

UPDATE: Online searchable database for teachers

Comparatively the number of overturned convictions as well as other verdicts are relatively small and are addressed in this list of exonerated or over-turned convictions.

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Sex-Tourism – Convicted Canadians

A graphic below speaks to the process, not included, is the right of the accused to a defence attorney and if the accused cannot afford legal assistance there will be public assistance appointed on their behalf.

Should there be a sentence of guilty there will be 2 days reduced for every day spent in jail awaiting trial.

Parole will happen as a matter of course after 2/3 of the sentence is served in most cases.

If you suspect

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Socially Skilled Child Molester - excerpts


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