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Peter Robert Whitmore

  • Peter Robert Whitmore July 24, 2007 "After kidnapping two Prairie boys last summer, notorious paedophile Peter Whitmore made them sex slaves, even chaining the 10-year-old up and ordering the child to call him "master."

    Those sordid and disturbing details and others about the boys' captivity last July were made public for the first-time Monday in a Regina court room shortly before Mr. Whitmore, 36, was handed a life sentence with no chance of parole for seven years."

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  • Wright appeared in Halifax provincial court Thursday to face the following charges:

  • Human trafficking of a person under the age of eighteen (two charges).

  • Sexual assault (three charges).

  • Sexual interference.

  • Invitation to sexual touching.

  • Receiving material benefit from sexual services (two charges).

  • Material benefit from trafficking a person under the age of 18 (two charges).

  • Householder permitting sexual activity (two charges).

  • Making child pornography (two charges).

  • Distributing child pornography.

  • Possession of child pornography (two charges).

  • Keeping a common bawdy house (two charges).

    Class-action lawsuit that argued the Attorney-General of Canada was negligent and did not protect cadets from being prey to sexual misconduct. It also named as defendants the Navy League of Canada, as well as officers Ralph Bremner, Conrad Sundman, Beverly Wilson and the executive estate of the late Clarence Anderson

    Jason Richard Zoet allegedly, 7 (SEVEN) separate convictions for child pornography, in a period of 5 years, reportedly, only 6 months out of prison, in that short period of time.

    To date all sentencing has been from “time served” to “two years less a day”

    As of August 9, 2018 he is currently charged withluring a child over the internet” and “sex with a minor”

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