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David William Ramsey

  • Former-Judge David William Ramsay admitted to one count of sexual assault causing bodily harm, three counts of obtaining sexual services of someone under the age of 18 for money and one count of breach of trust relating to the duties of his office. [died in Dorchester Prison on January 19, 2008.] Grew up in Port Alberni, BC

Gerald Regan former Premier of Nova Scotia

  • Former Nova Scotia premier Gerald Regan might have to face a new trial on seven charges of indecent assault after the Supreme Court of Canada reinstated the charges on Thursday.

The court ruled 5-4 that a trial judge was wrong to stay the charges in 1998.

  • Roman Catholic diocese in Newfoundland is vicariously liable for hundreds of sexual assaults one of its priests committed against young boys over a 30-year period, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled.

  • Gregory John Romaniuk turned himself in to police on May 7, 2016. He pleaded guilty to sexual interference of someone under 16.

    Heinrichs sentenced him to 90 days in jail to be served on weekends followed by three years’ probation. The maximum sentence available is two years in jail.

  • Galal Ramadan charged with two counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual interference and one count each of failing to attend court, obstruction of justice and failing to comply with a court order.

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  • Amit Ramchandani, 32, sat stoically in the prisoner’s box near a gallery full of supporters as Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Doreen Sulyma told him his repeated crimes degraded and hurt the two young girls.

    “The accused was not satisfied with only one victim and used victim number one to recruit victim number two,” the judge told court. “He victimized not one 12-year-old, but two 12-year-olds. The age difference here is immense.”

    Court previously heard Ramchandani started a sexual relationship with his first in 2009, when she was 12 and he was 26. They met over social media and he convinced her to meet in person. Between September 2009 and April 2011, Ramchandani met the girl for sex nine or 10 times, court heard.

    “It was not to go for dinner or to the movies or for a walk in the park,” Crown prosecutor Craig Krieger said. “He was picking her up to use a child for sexual pleasure.”

  • Jason “Booda” Reise

    Reise was picked up by CBSA after his release from prison for time served after pleading guilty April 18 to sexual interference of a minor and using a computer to lure a child.

    Reise has been entered into the National Sex Offender Registry and is banned from ever re-entering Canada now he has served a six-month sentence behind bars.

    What’s more Reise is due for another stint in a U.S. jail.

    “[In Pennsylvania] if you are a parole absconder and are convicted of another offence in any other jurisdiction, including Canada, you have to re-serve your entire sentence,” Murray said.

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