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  • James Alexander Parent

James Alexander Parent Kyle Parker, rapist and murderer 1-year-old-child

  • Kyle Parker raped and murdered a 1-year-old child.

    Kyle Parker, 22, showed them where they could find the body of Shaylyn Ammerman, and an autopsy later revealed that, in her last moments, little Shaylyn suffered sexual violence,

Shaun Neil Pater aka Shawn Pater aka Shaun Roth aka “Shane"

Headline "above the fold" of May 15, 2015

  • Shaun Neil Pater aka Shawn Pater aka Shaun Roth aka “Shane" Considered an untreatable sex offender as reported Jan 18, 2013 "Pater was unable to complete sex offender counseling because of his “serial incarceration for similar kinds of offences,” Dohm said."

    "Once released from jail, Pater will not be required to take any counseling, since previous psychological assessments have noted his low intelligence have made him untreatable, despite his “high risk to re-offend sexually with underage females."

  • Steven Gerald Peras (principal suspended four months) in addition to failing to report his knowledge of the sexual assault to the police and Ministry of Children and Family Development, the BC College of Teachers said Paras suspended the student as a form of discipline and detained and isolated her in a confined space for an inappropriate period of time during the initial investigation.

  • Robert "Willy" Pickton #MMIW and the marginalized In 2007, Pickton was convicted of six counts of second-degree murder and is serving a life sentence in Kent Institution in Agassiz, B.C.

    The remains or DNA of 33 women were found on his Port Coquitlam farm. He also confessed to an undercover police officer that he had murdered 49 women -- many of them sex workers from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside -- but had fallen short of an even 50 because he got "sloppy."

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