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  • Apay Ogouk, 30, appeared in court Monday to be sentenced on three charges of aggravated sexual assault. Although the acts were consensual, Ogouk didn't tell the women about his condition or take steps to protect them from exposure.

    In 2006, Ogouk was told he was HIV-positive after getting tested at a clinic. He was repeatedly told over the years, often through an interpreter, about the dangers of being sexually active and not using protection. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority even obtained a special order under the Public Health Act, compelling him to disclose all sexual relationships along with his condition.

    But Ogouk failed to do so, striking up three relationships with women between 2006 and 2009.

    The first, with a 15-year-old girl who would hang out at his apartment and drink alcohol, did not result in her becoming infected as a matter of "pure luck," the Crown told court. But his other two partners were not so fortunate. Both became seriously ill months after beginning a relationship with him, only to learn they are HIV-positive.

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