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    Aaron Micheil Macrae Crown counsel alleges that a man, who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in provincial court in Nanaimo on Tuesday, was found with 250,000 videos and images.

    Aaron Macrae, born in 1984, was charged with possession of child pornography, making or publishing child pornography and importing/distributing child pornography. He pleaded guilty to charges of possession and importing and distributing in front of Judge Brian Harvey on April 16.

    In relation to the count of making or publishing child porn, Nick Barber, Crown counsel, told Harvey he was requesting a psychiatric risk assessment. Barber alleged Crown is dealing with some 250,000 items of child pornography, and further alleges Macrae interacted with young people online, through social media.


  • Ian Hugh McDougall The Supreme Court of Canada has restored a sexual assault conviction against a former priest who taught at a residential school on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver.

    McDougall was an Oblate Brother and boys' supervisor at the Sechelt Indian Residential School from 1965 to 1970.

  • Local Scout leader, Thomas McKnight, 49, of Scarborough, was arrested Thursday and has been charged with possession of child pornography, distributing child pornography and making child porn

  • Jaclyn Lindsay McLaren, also known as Jaclyn (Jackie) Jones, 36, of Stirling, Ont, accused of 36 sex crimes involving minors is a teacher, police have revealed.

  • Police are looking to the public for help in catching a child sexual predator on the lam in Calgary who is considered violent. Gerald Richard McLean, 41, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for parole violations and was last known to be in the Calgary area Wednesday.

James McTurk

  • James McTurk became the first Canadian convicted of sex crimes committed against children in Cuba, admitting to one count of making child pornography, another of importing child pornography, three counts of sexual interference involving touching young girls with his mouth, hands and penis, and a final count of invitation to sexual touching.

    Despite two previous convictions for child pornography — in 1995 and 1998 — and being placed on the sex offender’s registry, McTurk was free to travel. The court was told that he made 31 trips to the island, between 2009 and his arrest in July 2012.

  • Paul Roger Martial (ex-teacher)

    The sexual interference included intercourse and other sexual acts, the written decision said. She was 13 and he was 47.

    Police investigated for nine months and charged Martial on Sept. 9, 2015, the decision said.

    Martial abused his position of authority and responsibility. His actions included a lengthy period of grooming and manipulation of (the student),” the committee found.

  • Eric Eoin Marques : 28-year-old architect’s son from Dublin accused of being world’s biggest dealer in child abuse images.

    The areas of interest of the company included web hosting, domain registration, design, marketing and consultancy services. The last accounts were lodged in November 2011 and did not show signs of economic activity, though Mr Marques admitted in court that he was earning substantial sums.

    His arrest sent shivers across the community of web users who initially feared that a year-long FBI inquiry had compromised the security of the Tor network, created by the US military and designed to hide the identity of those who took part.

    Half of the sites on the Tor network went down with Mr Marques’s arrest, leading analysts and security experts to try to discover if the identities of users, both legal and illicit, had been revealed. While journalists and human rights activists use the network, it has also been the tool of choice for online sellers of arms and drugs, such as the market leader The Silk Road which bans any use of child abuse images.

    The arrest of Mr Marques represents an apparent uptick in the sophistication of such operations by the US. It emerged this year that agents ran a child abuse site for several weeks in 2012 to identify its 5,000 customers who shared thousands of images of children.

Mohammed Masmoor

  • Mohammed Masmoor terrorized his sexual abuse victims into silence with threats of stoning in their homeland is now serving a 35 to 50 year prison sentence in Michigan after a historic trial. Mohammad Masroor....he engaged his victims, then aged nine to 13 years old, in sexual acts.

  • Richard James (Jim) Massen Amherstburg police have charged convicted sex offender Richard James (Jim) Massen, 80, with nine new counts of indecent assault and gross indecency.

    The charges stem from allegations made by five males about offences that occurred in the 1970s. The alleged victims were between 11 and 15 years old at the time.

    [NOTE – 1970s would have made Richard James (Jim) Massen in his 30s and the alleged victims are now in their 50s so do not get too tied up in “He's an old man.” Massen was not an elderly male when he, allegedly, abused the young males.]

  • Fabian Claybren Maytwayashing, 26, was convicted in 2001 after grabbing a 14-year-old victim and sexually assaulting her at knifepoint. He was not granted parole during his jail term and has breached probation since.

  • Senator Don Meredith harassed, sexually abused staff for years, say former aides.

    It was June 2015 when the Star broke the story that Meredith had a sexual liaison with a teenage girl beginning when she was 16 and continuing until just after her 18th birthday. She was a visiting student from overseas and met the senator at a church event in Ottawa. Meredith is a Pentecostal pastor. Dubbed “Ms. M” by the senate investigator, she recently told the Star she is looking forward now to “getting on” with her life.

Ian Mole

  • Ian Mole, a Boy Scout leader has been charged with possessing and making child pornography after police seized thousands of "evil and despicable" movies and pictures at a Scarborough home.

  • A disgraced Port Credit private school sex education teacher who "manipulated" a schoolgirl into after-school classroom sex acts was jailed 90 days yesterday. Former Mentor College teacher Bradley Muxlow, 35, will serve an additional 19 months of probation for fondling a second girl during a volleyball tournament at the school

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