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  • Cesar Lalo has finally come to court and acknowledged responsibility that he sexually victimized 29 victims,"

    The board will no longer require Lalo to undergo chemical castration. He’s also free to own a computer and surf the web and view and download pornography.

    The board has even loosened restrictions on the places Lalo can go. Now, he’s only prevented from being near schools, playgrounds and recreational facilities unless accompanied by an approved adult. His original restrictions required him to stay away from libraries, family restaurants, public washrooms and public venues including concert halls, fairs, arcades and churches.

Raymond Lahey

  • Raymond Lahey (RC Bishop) admitted he was addicted to looking at child pornography (e.g. involved 588 photos and 63 videos, with the Crown pointing out that some involved adolescent boys engaged in sex acts while wearing a Crucifix and rosary beads). Sentence: Time Served

  • Landslide - The Fifth Estate Broadcast on Wednesday, November 5 2003 on CBC-TV at 9PM Repeated on CBC Newsworld on Tuesday November 11 at 10 PM, Wednesday November 12 at 1 AM

    The largest global police investigation into child pornography yielded the identities of hundreds of thousands of subscribers, including thousands of Canadians, to an internet site dealing illegally in child pornography. But, as Linden MacIntyre reports, most are still at large and Canadian police are finding prosecutions difficult to get

  • Joseph Laboucan, 23, who is serving a life sentence at the federal penitentiary in Prince Albert, Sask., is charged in the death of 33-year-old Ellie May Meyer, whose body was discovered in May, 2005, by a farmer tilling a field just east of Edmonton.

Cyle Austin Larsen

  • Cyle Austin Larsen was convicted of sexual interference against a six-year-old, and he admitted to other sexual offences for which he had never been charged, parole documents say.

    He served two years and nine months behind bars after he lured at 10-year-old girl to a basement and sexually assaulted her.

      “Current and prior offences are considered violent in that underage, vulnerable children were preyed upon for your sexual satisfaction,” the documents read.

    In 2012, Cyle admitted to staring at children out the windows of his grandparent’s home and viewing adult and child pornography, breaking the conditions of his release.

    “You stated you knew what you were doing was wrong. … You disclosed that you were unable to control yourself.”

      There is high probability of you re-offending in a similar manner. Your risk is unmanageable to the point that you pose a grave risk to the public.”

Lyle Blake Larsen

  • Lyle Blake Larson After serving time behind bars for sex offences involving children, Lyle Blake Larsen wasn't supposed to be anywhere near those under the age of 16.

    But seven days after his electronic monitoring bracelet was removed by the courts, the high-risk sex offender Edmonton police had been monitoring was caught watching children play in a packed downtown wading pool on Canada Day.

        Despite requests from police to keep Larsen monitored with the bracelet, the courts let him take it off, frustrating those trying to keep tabs of his whereabouts so more victims aren't claimed.

    Parole documents show Lyle Blake Larsen was convicted of sexual interference and printing child pornography in 2009 after he “sexually assaulted and photographed [an] underage victim at a party,” violating a probation order that he not be alone with anyone under 14.

    He had previously been convicted of sexually offending against another underage girl.

    A psychological assessment dated April 2013 stated Lyle had “sexual deviance dating back to when [he] was 10 years old.” It estimates Lyle victimized another 19 girls and boys ranging in age from four to 17.

Cody Paul Lemay

  • Cody Paul Lemay 13-month-old girl who Lemay confessed to police, were that he had been left alone with the infant and was changing her diapers. On at least five, and perhaps as many 12 occasions, he penetrated her anus with one, then two, fingers and took his finger(s) in and out “really fast, really hard” because he was angry at KLN’s mother. Ultimately, at the end of his long interview with police, he said he had penetrated the infant’s anus with his penis and ejaculated.

    Joshua Michael Lemire, 20, has been charged with one count of causing unnecessary pain/suffering to an animal.

    A family cat, named Gigi, is only one-year-old and its owners — including Sharline Haglund — say Gigi was drugged, shaved and tossed out a window by a group of teens that included Joshua Lemire.

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