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  • John Eugene Kakegamic was sent to jail in 2002 after approaching a nine-year-old boy on the street and asking for help finding his watch. Kakegamic lured the boy to his apartment and sexually assaulted the boy after threatening him with a knife. He's been previously convicted in offnces with a seven-year-old boy and 17-month-old girl.

    Kakegamic is 5-foot-8 and 143 lbs. He has black hair, brown eyes and is Aboriginal. He has tattoos of an eagle on his left forearm, a snake on his right upper arm, a rose on his chest and a lady with grapes on his upper back.

  • Todd Kelly, 49, was sent to jail after giving drugs to teenage girls to force them to have sex with him. While he was in custody awaiting trial, correctional officers intercepted a note written by Kelly in which he directed an associate to cause injury to the victims that would render them incapable of giving evidence against him. 

  • Darren Julian Kennedy has pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a four year old female child for a period of five years. He's set to be sentenced in March. (Kayla Hounsell/CBC)

Kenneth Klassen

  • Kenneth Klassen (art gallery owner/sex tourism/pedophile)

    2nd trial nets: 11 years in federal prison — 10 years for sexually touching 14 girls in Colombia, Thailand and Cambodia and one year for importing child pornography

    Sex-Tourism for pedophiles.

    Two times convicted on similar charges.

  • Timothy Frederick Koltusky high-risk sex offender with an alarming violent history must continue to live at a Winnipeg halfway house and keep a nightly curfew until at least October, parole officials have ruled.

    Koltusky, 27, is bound by a Long-Term Offender Supervision Order until August 2020, but some of its many conditions are set to expire earlier, the documents state.

    The panel also cited Koltusky’s concerning criminal history that includes arson, sexual offending, stalking and violence as reasons influencing their decision.

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