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Walter Jacobson

  • Walter Jacobson at age 61, "Jacobson has a history of rape, sexual assault and threatening phone calls that spans nearly four decades."

  • Sex offender Graham James

    Graham James, a former junior hockey coach, pleaded guilty to the latest sexual assault allegations in June.

    James had nearly completed a five-year sentence in June for sex-related charges connected to five players during his time as a coach in the Western Hockey League when he pleaded guilty to a sexual assault involving another player.

    He was sentenced to two years for that assault, which took place between 1990 and 1991 when James was with the Swift Current Broncos in Saskatchewan. That time was tacked on to the sentence he was already serving.

  • Gilbert Paul Jordan "A Vancouver sex offender, known as the boozing barber, Jordan had been in the company of at least seven women whose deaths were related to alcohol.

    Serial Killer

    Gilbert Paul Jordan, known as the "Boozing Barber", was a Canadian serial killer who is believed to have committed the so-called "alcohol murders" in Vancouver, Canada. Wikipedia

    Born: December 12, 1931, Vancouver

    Died: July 7, 2006, Victoria

    Span of killings: 1965–c. 2004

    Victims: 8–10

    Criminal penalty: 15 years, reduced to 9 years on appeal. Served 6 years

    Other names: The Boozing Barber, Paul Pearce, Gilbert Paul Elsie

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