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Throughout this Web Site I have copied information to keep it on this server. However, wherever possible, I have endeavoured with "due diligence" to provide Links to the original sources.

If you have information regarding any, possible or suspicious activities or crimes committed contact your local police dispatch via 911

Under no circumstances approach any individual or their companions.

If there are actions by any individual or their companions that concern you, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Do not pause to report to social media.

 Stay SAFE! 

The best advice I can give is that you take nothing you read online for granted. Go to the sources and verify everything. If any web site does not cite the source of the information or "facts" they are giving you, then it is possible that those must be suspect or deliberately harvested to reveal the web-owner's life experience and perspective. 

Email the Website maintainer and ask where their information originated.

I hope you will find my site useful.

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WARNING If you are still living with abuse or have been abused in your past, please be aware that some things on this web site may be distressing or triggering. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, perhaps you could bookmark the page and return at another time.



This Internet version is a compilation of various news reports as and when possible to add information. D.A.D.I.G. does not warrant the accuracy or the completeness of this electronic version of the data, nor that this website will function without error, failure or interruption. In no event, will the Dennice be liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of this website.

This is not an invitation to harass, bully or in any way make life uncomfortable for any of the named persons. I hope to educate the public and interested parties in who are the “creeps” to protect your children from. Please forward to any interested parties.

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