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This exercise which was developed by Stanlee Phelps and Nancy Austin, is especially for women, to determine how assertive they are, and to find out their weak areas.
Test your assertiveness quotient (AQ) by completing the following questionnaire. Use the scale below to indicate how comfortable you are with each item :
  1. makes me very uncomfortable
  2. I feel moderately comfortable
  3. I am very comfortable with this

Though this test is not a validated psychological scale, you can use it to help you discover in what areas you are not assertive.

A Q Test

Assertive behaviours
Speaking up and asking questions at a meeting ___________
Commenting about being interrupted by a male
directly to him at the moment he interrupts you
Stating your views to a male authority figure,
e.g. boss, minister, therapist, father
Attempting to offer solutions and elaborating on them
when there are men present
Your Body  
Entering and exiting a room where men are present ___________
Speaking in front of a group ___________
Maintaining eye contact, keeping your head upright, and leaning forward when in a personal conversation ___________
Your Mind  
Going out with group of friends when you are the only one without a `date’ ___________
Being especially competent, using your authority and/or power without labelling yourself as "bitchy", impolite, bossy, aggressive, castrating, or parental ___________
Requesting expected service when you haven’t
received it, e.g. in a restaurant or store
Being expected to apologize for something and not apologizing since you feel you are right ___________
Requesting the return of borrowed items without being apologetic ___________
Compliments, Criticism and Rejection  
Receiving a compliment by saying something
assertive to acknowledge that you agree with
the person complimenting you
Accepting a rejection ___________
Not getting the approval of the most significant male in your life, and /or any male ___________
Discussing another person’s criticism of you
openly with that person
Telling someone that he/she is doing something that is bothering you ___________
Saying `No’  
Refusing to get coffee or to take notes at a meeting where you are chosen to do so because you are a female ___________
Saying `No’ -- refusing to do a favour when you really don’t feel like it ___________
Turning down a request for a meeting or a date ___________
Manipulation and Counter-Manipulation  
Telling a person when you think she/he is manipulating you ___________
Commenting to a male who has made a patronizing remark to you, (e.g. "you have a good job for a woman", "you’re not flighty, emotional, stupid or hysterical like most women") ___________
Expressing anger directly and honesty when you feel angry ___________
Arguing with another person ___________
Telling a joke ___________
Listening to a friend tell a story about something embarrassing but funny that you have done ___________
Responding with humour to someone’s put-down of you ___________
Disciplining your own children ___________
Disciplining other’s children ___________
Explaining the facts of life or your divorce to your child ___________
Women Together  
Talking about your feelings of competition with another woman with whom you feel competitive ___________

Source : Phelps and Austin, op. cit.



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