I am a Survivor!

My name is Dennice A. D. I. Goudie aka @DADIG123. I do not share my facial image with any persons other than people I know. If you met me and break that confidence I will remember that break in discretion.

I am over the age of majority, 21 in Canada, eh! I legally changed my name from the childhood one for my own reasons and owe no one an explanation. For those who are curious as to why I prefer the use of my legal middle name over my birth first name... simple enough... I identify that first name with the child who was a victim - Dennice is the resulting woman after years of therapy and the Survivor/Thriver

The Will to Survive will take you to my writings about the trial of my perpetrator and the feelings I had before, during and after at "The Will to Survive/Thrive" (site built to share experience, strength and hope) (hopefully)

I have been in therapy (Gestalt, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Group Therapy, professionally led Survivor Groups, peer support groups, online support, one-on-one talk therapy, art therapy, sex therapy (extremely healthy on that aspect of life [surprisingly? - not so much as I was dragged up in a household of adults who were without a doubt the most racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, etc pair of adults I have a strong understanding why the orange-one has so many young / female supporters, sadly.) since the age of 19-years-old, the longest unbroken stretch of therapy was over 2 years of twice a week, once a week with a group of fellow Survivors and the other day a one-on-one with my therapist which also included 6 weeks of 24/7 in a Women's Treatment Centre (Aurora House - Vancouver, British Columbia).

I have not been hospitalized for any mental health reason since 2005. I am able to lead a somewhat normal life on a disABILITY Pension for a variety of diagnoses, many of them a direct result of mental health coping stances the child within used to continue to exist when life was traumatic. Every. Day.

As of February 2017 there are additional diagnosis: Bipolar II Disorder (which has been marked by manic episodes of rather dangerous and ill-advised escapades with persons I would not have actively sought out when not Manic. On the other end of the spectrum would be weeks at a time when I sleep 23+ hours of a 24 hour stretch without eating/showering/hydrating my body which I refer to as "the dark times", Arthritis in both hands and left knee according to x-rays, Fibromyalgia (amazingly common among those who have survived CSA), BPD (save yourself the time and effort - according to Psychiatrist "disorders are a learned coping mechanism that takes decades of concerted effort to overcome, if ever.")  PTSD; Epilepsy; Panic Attacks, anxiety, hyper-alert, disassociation "splitting off" (under stress and especially stressed or startled I go to another place that is separate from my conscious body, spirit and intent of whom I attempt to be) ( many of these are directly connected to PTSD & often a direct result of horrendous assaults of a sexual, mental, emotional and physical)

I am now aware that I MUST keep a regular schedule, plan outings, do what I can to keep my life un-complicated as possible and constantly vigilant as to '"Whose problem is this?" in many instances for the sake of myself, my sanity (what there is left of it ) and the emotional health of those around me.

I dropped out of school in grade 10 in order to work full time while contributing to the funds necessary to support my mother and sisters (step-monster returned within a month = I left. There's much more in other pages.)

At the age of 19-years-old, I was the single parent of two children (not step-monster's  - odd that those who were against me making waves about my allegations -- ASKED if my daughter was, in fact, step-monster's child. Odd in that if they didn't believe me why would they have even considered that?).

I went back to school at Camosun College in Victoria, B.C. for Basic Training and Skill Diploma (or was it "Development"). That completion of that schooling gave me the option of pursuing higher education via any means I could access.

Since then, I went back to college to gain certificates as a word processor, bookkeeper and IT Tech before there were IT Tech and to VIU in Nanaimo to study Graphic Design. My children had children. I became a grandmother to two handsome young men by my daughter and a granddaughter who I have yet to visit or interact with who is the daughter of my eldest son.. My two sons are in their 30s/40s as I key this on February 2017; both reside in Nanaimo as do other members of my extended family.

Some of those same people have shunned me for more years than our shared abuser molested us for and much longer than the four years he served for the criminal offices of which he was convicted as well as being labeled and self-admitted a pedophile.

Life isn't fair. I've known this all my life.

All this aside I no longer have traumatic flashbacks, am able to sleep a regular 8 hour night (most of the time), have not experienced night terrors in many years and until the other day could have told you that I do not have daytime traumatic flashback (had one, surprised the heck out of me - fact of the matter, I knew what was going on and how to take care of self. Rather than being ill or immobilized for several days it was a few hours. Progress, not perfection

THIS time of life is for me. A healthier life that has so many rewards, wonderful people and a sure knowledge that "There is life after abuse!"


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