five Six Seven men convicted here of sex crimes against kids abroad

Since Bill C-27 amended the Criminal Code of Canada to help prevent child sex tourism, seven men have been convicted in this country. (to my knowledge as of 04/13/2017)

1: James McTurk Retired postal worker [paedophile Cuba over a period of 20 years+]

2: Donald Bakker - Hotel employee [paedophile Cambodia and Canada]

3: Kenneth Klassen - Art gallery owner [paedophile Columbia and Cambodia]

Joao Jose Correirra Duarte aka John Duarte Former Priest [paedophile Haiti]

5: Denis Rochefort - Aid worker - humanitarian worker [paedophile Haiti]

6: Armand Huard - Former Priest – humanitarian worker [paedophile Haiti]

7: Jashua Robert Tremblay – Travelled twice to interact with a minor female [paedophile Ireland from Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada]

Fri., March 15, 2013

Five Six Seven men are known to have been convicted in Canada for sexual crimes against children outside the country since Bill C-27 amended the Criminal Code to prohibit child sex tourism. They are:

  • Donald Bakker, of British Columbia. Vancouver hotel employee Donald Bakker was convicted in 2005 of assaults on women in Canada and girls in Cambodia. He received a 10-year sentence. (The Canadian Press)

  • Armand Huard and >Denis Rochefort, of Quebec. Convicted in 2008 of assaults on boys in Haiti, where they had been working as missionaries. Huard received three years imprisonment; Rochefort got two years in prison and three years of probation.

  • John Duarte, of Windsor, Ont. Arrested in the Dominican Republic, Duarte was returned to Canada and pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual interference regarding teenagers in Haiti. He was sentenced in 2010 to 18 months in prison plus three years of probation.

  • Kenneth Klassen, of British Columbia. After unsuccessfully challenging the Criminal Code amendment allowing Canadians to be prosecuted here for crimes overseas, he pleaded guilty to charges involving more than 12 underage girls in Columbia and Cambodia. He was sentenced in 2010 to 11 years in prison.

Jennifer Quinn

Sources: Beyond Borders, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Original posting did not include the following:

  • Addendum: James McTurk >became the first Canadian convicted of sex crimes committed against children in Cuba, admitting to one count of making child pornography, another of importing child pornography, three counts of sexual interference involving touching young girls with his mouth, hands and penis, and a final count of invitation to sexual touching.

    In an interview with detectives after his arrest, McTurk said he knew one of the grandmothers of the girls in the images, who he met two decades ago in Cuba.

    She was on the beach and was hungry, so he fed her,Stanford told the court. “He maintained contact with her and stayed with her and her family regularly when he visited Cuba. He gave her a couple hundred pesos — approximately $240 — each time he visited.”

  • Addendum: Jashua Robert Tremblay Fort McMurray sexual predator sentenced to 4.5 years. Tremblay established an online relationship with the 13-year-old Irish girl in September 2012. He groomed her for 14 months, then flew to Dublin twice to spend time with her. The trysts were described in court as 'sex vacations.'

Addendum: Dennice A. D. I. Goudie whose sources are on the linked files for >James McTurk and Jashua Robert Tremblay

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